Year-Round Climate Control: The Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps

Technician Repairing Modern Heat Pump

During the summer months, central heat pumps are functionally identical to air conditioners. In winter, their reversing valves switch the flow of coolant to provide steady indoor heating. In the right conditions, heat pumps are the most efficient HVAC equipment homeowners can invest in. But when outdoor temperatures drop too low, their efficiency declines. Read […]

6 Things You Should Know About Your Air Conditioner

Close up view on HVAC units (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). 3D rendered illustration.

Human beings have been trying to keep cool when it’s hot for millennia, and they succeeded using everything from gravity-fed fountains to huge fans cranked by a servant to plain old blocks of ice. The modern air conditioner, whether it is a central AC, a window unit, or a mini-split ductless, is a surprisingly complex […]