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8 Tips for Properly Maintaining Your HVAC System This Summer

If you are like many others, a summer without an air conditioner can be unbearable. Therefore, proper HVAC maintenance is essential to keeping it running efficiently. Follow these tips to keep your system properly maintained.

1. Routinely Check the HVAC System for Damage

Maintaining your HVAC system is a year-round task. You want to ensure everything is working by routinely checking your system for any damage. This keeps you from shelling out money on last-minute repairs.

2. Start the Air Conditioner Before Summer

You will want to run the air conditioner about a month before summer arrives to ensure it is working properly. This step gives you time to take care of any necessary repairs before the first heat wave.

3. Regularly Clean the Unit’s Components

It is not uncommon for the vents and ductwork to become clogged with dust and debris. However, you need to regularly clean the unit to keep it from working overtime and circulating those particles throughout your home.

4. Clear Space Around the Outdoor Unit

Another important step is cleaning the space around the outdoor unit. The unit pulls air from the outside into your home, so blocking the outdoor portion causes the system to work harder than necessary.

5. Ensure the Filters Are Maintained Regularly

Air filters should be replaced about once every three months to keep the unit from freezing up. If you have reusable air filters, make sure you are cleaning them on a regular basis. Clean air filters also prevent dirt and debris from circulating in your house.
During the summer, when the pollen count is high, you may want to clean the filters more often.

6. Check the Air Conditioner for Leaks

It is essential to frequently check the drip pan for leaks to prevent a worn-down unit or water damage. A leak is a sign that your unit is working overtime to cool your home, which can lead to the interior of the unit freezing and melting.

7. Adjust the System’s Thermostat Settings

Keep your HVAC system from working overtime by adjusting the thermostat. Keeping the temperature in the lower 70s can be just as comfortable. You can also help circulate the cool air with fans.

8. Know When to Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Leaving the air conditioner on around the clock causes the unit to use too much energy. You can save energy by turning off the air conditioner when you are not home or when the weather is pleasant.

Failure to maintain your HVAC system during the summer could result in issues. Luckily, you can hire a technician for AC repair by contacting We Care Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric Conditioning in Central GA/FL Panhandle.