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Attic Insulation

ATTICAT® Blown-In Insulation

Why should you insulate your attic? Maybe you already have attic insulation. Maybe you need new insulation. A little extra or even new attic blown-in insulation can pay for itself and save a lot! Increasing your insulation can save you money on your utility bills and pay for the installation over time. Adding AttiCat® insulation to your home does not only save you money on your energy bill, but also suppresses the noise level in your home.

Energy Audits

Let us do an energy audit of your home and we can tell you exactly how much insulation you need to make your home more energy efficient. Depending on various factors, such as age, and type of construction, thicker or thinner attic insulation may be required to be effective and save you money on your energy bill.

Homeowners often try to find ways to lower their energy costs. With steadily increasing prices for energy consumption, there are many different ways to lower your monthly bill. Adding insulation to your attic will often pay for itself within short periods of time. As heat rises in a home in winter, too little attic insulation acting as a barrier between the indoors and outdoors allows hot air to seep out and cool air to seep in resulting in higher utility bills, indoor discomfort, and possible exterior damage. The opposite effect happens during hot summer months when cold air from the inside seep out and warm air from the exterior of your home seep in.

Foam sprayed in your attic is a durable product often used in attics and for casing in exterior walls. Even though foam has better insulating properties than other materials, it also comes with a high price tag compared to other products. Foam has a chemical nature and therefore it is known to be highly combustible.

Blanket insulation is a commonly used attic insulation product made of flexible rock wool, fiberglass, plastic, or natural plant or animal fibers. It is inexpensive and available in thicknesses and widths that work well to fill stud and joist spaces. On the other hand, it does not work as well as other products to fill gaps and odd-shaped or hard-to-reach areas.

Loosefill insulation offers the benefits of foam-in-place without the negative effects. It is a lightweight, fiber-based loose product made from rock wool, fiberglass or plants that is fluffed and blown into areas with a machine. We recommend AttiCat® loosefill as the insulation of choice to create the energy saving and noise level barrier in your attic. AttiCat® is safe and reliable and can reduce your energy bill by as much as 28%.

Attic Insulation

ATTICAT® Benefits

  • Quick and Easy Installation done by We Care Heating and Air
  • Put AttiCat Expanding PINK FIBERGLAS™ Loosefill Insulation where you need it, providing optimum insulating R-value for your climate zone
  • Provides complete coverage, even around pipes, wires and outlets
  • AttiCat FIBERGLAS™ Insulation is noncombustible
  • Will not absorb moisture so no mold
  • Non-toxic
  • Will not settle, it will maintain its insulating power over time
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