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A Properly Maintained Heat Pump Provides Years of Comfort

Having a heat pump installed in your home in the southeastern United States is a terrific way to make sure that your home is cooled both quickly and efficiently. Because heat pumps can be reversed to move warm air into your home as well as cool air, you can enjoy both efficient temperature control in any season and lower utility costs.

Use Your Nose to Diagnose Trouble

Your heat pump works very hard in the warmer months. In addition to pulling warm air out of your home, it has to reduce your overall humidity in your living space. To make sure that your home stays comfortable on the stickiest of days, you’ll need to monitor any odor around your heat pump.

If your heat pump isn’t able to drain, water will build up in the condensate line, and bacteria will thrive in this plugged drain line. To reduce the risk of this bacterial buildup and the risk of mold in or near your heat pump unit, getting this line checked and cleared before summer heat hits is a very good idea.

Listen for Heat Pump Issues

The vacuum force of your heat pump is key to moving hot air out and cool air in. If you notice any hissing sounds when it fires up, there could be an issue with your air ducts or with your refrigerant lines. Like many mechanical issues in the world of HVAC, the problem is not going to get any better without help.

Contact a technician if you notice that your heat pump simply isn’t keeping up. If your fan is getting noisy or the whole heat pump is louder than you recall, getting it serviced may help you feel cool again.

Check Your Utility Bills

Sometimes your heat pump will smell and sound just fine. If you get a jolt when you open your electricity bill, there may be problems that you can’t diagnose. With regular maintenance, such surprises will probably not be an issue.

If you live in Florida year-round, the key may be to simply set up a regular schedule of maintenance early in the year when your heat pump is not too busy! Simple steps, such as cleaning your fan, checking all the electronics, and clearing your condensation lines can keep you cool and comfy all year long.

Your comfort and safety are key to our team of skilled technicians. Reach out to We Care Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric Conditioning in the Central GA/FL Panhandle region for a thorough assessment and service of your heat pump.