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Lighting Installation in Macon & Warner Robins, GA

When adding new lighting to your home, count on We Care A/C, Plumbing & Electrical to do the job well! Lighting installation in Macon and Warner Robins, GA can add so much to your home. Some common reasons you might want to add light include the desire to change up your space, become more energy-efficient, or improve safety or visibility in poorly lit areas in and around your home.

Relying on a professional electrician like the ones at We Care means you have access to experts who know the best lighting to install for your specific needs. We will also make sure your new lighting installation is safe, so you don’t wind up with costly electrical repairs to fix DIY mistakes down the line.

What Goes Into Installing A Light Fixture

You may think lighting installation in Macon and Warner Robins, GA is simple, but there is a significant amount of work and care that goes into even simple additions. Here are some of the steps the team at We Care follows when we’re providing lighting installation services.

Choose The Fixture

Perhaps you already have a fixture in mind, or maybe you’re lost in a sea of lighting options. We’ll make sure whatever you’ve chosen is compatible with your electrical system and makes sense for the location in question. We may suggest alternatives or make recommendations if you’re not sure what kind of lighting would work best.

Remove Any Existing, Outdated Fixtures

Do you already have lighting in the location where you’d like to install the new fixture? We’ll safely remove it so we can replace it with the updated fixture.

Wire, Mount, & Install The New Lighting

Wiring is part of the process where we may find problems with your existing electrical system if they exist. We will hook your new lighting fixture up, mount it so it looks finished, and perform any extra installation tasks, like adding dimmers. In this way, we can also identify and address larger wiring problems in your home.

Test The New Lights

Of course, we won’t leave without first testing to make sure your lights work properly! In this last step of the process, we will make sure you are happy with the work that has been performed.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor Lighting

A small number of fixtures are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, but in most cases, lighting installation services in Macon and Warner Robins differ depending on the location of the desired fixture. Here are a few of the differences between the types of lighting you might find outside versus what’s common inside.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting is a massive category in and of itself. Landscape lighting is a very common type of lighting installed outside, usually intended to create an effect, highlight a feature, or bring some light to an otherwise dark part of your yard. Landscape lighting is often installed as uplighting that shines on trees, shrubs, the exterior of your house, or other features to produce an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Other types of outdoor lighting are more specifically geared toward visibility or security. Motion-activated security lights may be installed above your garage or at the front of your home, while pathway lighting or stair lighting illuminates walkways where guests or residents may otherwise trip.

Outdoor lighting needs to be weatherproof, in some cases waterproof, and appropriately designed to be installed in the location you have available. For example, landscape lighting is often made to be inserted into soft surfaces, like grass or ground cover, and so cannot be installed in hardscape.

Indoor Lighting Installation

Indoor lighting installations in Macon & Warner Robins also run the gamut, with everything from simple recessed lighting fixtures to elaborate chandeliers. Indoor lights will need to fit the space you plan to install them in and provide sufficient brightness for the task at hand. For example, in locations where task lighting is preferable, like under kitchen cabinets, we highly recommend LED lighting installations, as LEDs are more energy and cost-effective directional fixtures.

In bathrooms, lighting fixtures should be chosen carefully to handle the level of moisture expected, especially in tub or shower areas. This is why an electrician’s guidance can be so helpful! At We Care, we understand how to install safe, effective options for each space, both inside and outside your home. Call us now at (478) 200-9166 to learn more!

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